2008-2009 – Classroom Building (First Project)

Luis Garcia, Honduras

Honduras, a central American country, is slightly smaller than the state of Washington. In 1998, 8000 residents were killed by Hurricane Mitch.

The community of Luis Garcia is located 16 miles south of San Pedro Sula, the second-largest city in Honduras. The population consists largely of factory workers and their families, who moved to the current location after their homes were destroyed by Hurricane Mitch. Luis Garcians are ambitious and hardworking, lively with pride for their community and its potential for growth and improvement.

The elementary school at Luis Garcia was attended by over 300 students, a number far exceeding the practical capacity of the five existing classrooms at the time. Tin roofs prevented classes from being held during rainstorms. Kindergarten meets in a structure made entirely of tin, which is unbearably hot in the afternoon sun. Sanitation facilities are inadequate to support the student population. Runoff water from the village flows through the schoolyard, exposing children to disease and parasites.

During 2007 and 2008, EWB-WWU raised money to send an assessment team to Honduras. In September of 2008, a team of four consisting of two civil engineering students, a faculty member, and a health professional traveled to Honduras and spent a week with the community of Luis Garcia. We surveyed the school site, performed soil analysis and percolation tests, and conducted a community health evaluation for the regional area.

In the spring of 2010, a team of 8 from WWU worked with local residents and constructed 5 classrooms. The health concerns relating to sanitation issues were addressed by the local government.

Project Team

Kathrin Klemm

Technical and Civil Engineering Lead

Chris Ghazal

Technical and Reports Lead

Victor Wang

Electrical Engineering Lead

Austin Beckner

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Joey Williams

Civil Engineering Team

Edwin Munoz

Electrical Engineering Team

Elizabeth Schlinsog


Nathan Gray

Electrical Engineering Team

Brendon McNally 

Mechanical Engineering Team

Noe Ramirez 

Mechanical Engineering Team

Hannah King 

Accounting and Budgets

Stephanie Septembre 


Eryn Hopps 

Electrical Engineering Apprentice

Tyler Humphries 

Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

Katie Mowat 

Civil Engineering Apprentice

Alex Yanez 

Student Missionary

Lauren Pernu

Student Missionary

Wesley Hendrickson 

Civil Engineering Team

 Dr. Brian Roth

Faculty Mentor

 Dr. Curtis Nelson

Faculty Mentor

 Dr. Carlton Cross

Faculty Mentor



2008-2009 Luis Garcia School Honduras (1st Project)

Luis Garcia, Honduras