Project Photos

This is the site the day we arrived.  The slab had been poured, along with a curb for the block to be built on.  Rebar was in place for the columns.  It had been raining, which was actually a blessing, because it meant they didn’t have to keep it wet manually. ...

Internet problem solved?

Our Internet situation hasn’t been working out, so we purchased a cellular modem today.  The service is still slow and we’re not certain of its stability yet, but it should work out better than what we’ve been trying to work with. We’ve...

We’re Here

We arrived safely yesterday mid-day and got settled in the house the community is providing for us. The project site is in good shape, and is ready to move forward with.  Details and photos to follow. Our internet situation is a little fragile, so this is a short...


We are now waiting in the Pasco airport for our flight.  We’re flying to San Pedro Sula by way of Seattle and Houston.  When we arrive, we will drive to Luis Garcia. Wish us luck!

New Blog!

This is the new EWB WWU blog.  We will use it to keep you up to date on projects, events, and other news from our chapter. Thanks for stopping by, please check back for more posts, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on twitter.