2015-2016 – Japura Energy Project, year 1 (Micro-hydro)

Japura, Peru

In 2015, EWB-USA’s Walla Walla University Chapter (EWB-WWU) partnered with the community of Japura, Peru to address the need for electrical power in the community. This project spanned two years and consisted of two attempts to address the energy need in the community. The first year, we focused on using a hydroelectric system to generate electricity. The system would have been powered by a few streams that flow nearby the community. After a full year’s worth of research, communication, and deliberation, we determined that a hydroelectric system was infeasible in this community. Although this phase of the project did not turn out as we had hoped, our time spent considering a hydroelectric system was not wasted. During this year, we gained knowledge that was essential to finally address the energy need in the community. We strengthened our partnership with the community and we developed strong communication channels with our project partners. The student team working on the project worked hard, learned a lot, and had a great year working on the Japura energy project.

Project Team

Kathrin Klemm

Technical and Civil Engineering Lead

Chris Ghazal

Technical and Reports Lead

Victor Wang

Electrical Engineering Lead

Austin Beckner

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Joey Williams

Civil Engineering Team

Edwin Munoz

Electrical Engineering Team

Elizabeth Schlinsog


Nathan Gray

Electrical Engineering Team

Brendon McNally 

Mechanical Engineering Team

Noe Ramirez 

Mechanical Engineering Team

Hannah King 

Accounting and Budgets

Stephanie Septembre 


Eryn Hopps 

Electrical Engineering Apprentice

Tyler Humphries 

Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

Katie Mowat 

Civil Engineering Apprentice

Alex Yanez 

Student Missionary

Lauren Pernu

Student Missionary

Wesley Hendrickson 

Civil Engineering Team

 Dr. Brian Roth

Faculty Mentor

 Dr. Curtis Nelson

Faculty Mentor

 Dr. Carlton Cross

Faculty Mentor



Japura, Peru