Tanzania Water Project

We have partnered with Participatory Development Concern (PADECO) to design and implement a water system that will provide safe, potable water for the community of Manda, Tanzania.


Since the summer of 2019, there have been many changes taking place with our international project! Unfortunately, due to complicating circumstances involving the threat of Ebola and guerrilla incursions along Congo-Rwanda border, our team was forced to cancel the project in order to move forward. It was with sadness that we had to make this decision, as our partners at Hand In Hand for Development were looking forward to connecting us with the community in Gisenyi.

Not wanting to waste any time, our team has worked hard to search for a new project to adopt. It is our pleasure to inform you that the EWB-WWU chapter has been approved for adoption of a water supply project in the community of Manda, Tanzania! The community of Manda is located in the Njombe region of Tanzania, along the shores of Lake Malawi. We are excited about the opportunity to work with the individuals in this community with the help of our NGO partners at Participatory Development Concern (PADECO). If there is one thing we know here at EWB-WWU, it is that things do not always go according to plan! That being said, we anticipate travel to Manda, Tanzania this coming summer for preliminary assessment of the project scope and feasibility.

Our first trip to Manda will be in August, 2020. The goal of this trip will be to build a relationship with the community of Manda and our partners at PADECO. During this trip, we will also collect important information that will allow our team to move forward with design aspects of our project.

Project Background and History

The community of Manda, Tanzania is located in the south-western corner of the country, along the beautiful shores of Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi). With a population of approximately 4,300 individuals, the community is well established. Yet, the remote location of Manda makes resources such as clean, potable water a challenge. Since 2002, the community has been forced to carry water by hand from the lake, a trek of 2.5 km. While the distance is not extremely far, children in school are missing out on their academic studies when they have to collect water from the lake for use at the school house, a chore that often takes 2-3 hours.

In 1985, the government installed a water pumping system that took water from Lake Nyasa and pumped it to a storage tank where it could then be piped to different locations in the community. While this system worked for several years, the diesel generator it ran off of cost the community money for fuel and maintenance.  When the system finally broke down in 2002, the people of Manda were forced to carry water in buckets and drums. 

Already taking the initiative to get the project started, the community based organization raised funds to have a storage tank installed. However, due to the high cost of water supply projects, they have been unable to continue. They have identified clean, potable water as the most urgent need in the community and that has led us to where we are now.

Project Context

In Manda, access to water is limited to carrying it by hand from Lake Nyasa (Malawi). More importantly, many school children most spend 2-3 hours several times per week fetching water from the lake, taking time away from their education. By providing the school and surrounding community with better access to water, individuals will have more time for academic studies, earning income, and better quality of life overall.

Project Goals and Objective

To combat provided easy access to clean water through pumping and water filtration systems for the community of Manda.

Community Partners

Our community partners will be Participatory Development Concern, and the local government in the Njombe region. We will also work with the Community Based Organization in Manda that has been a driving force in getting this project started.

Project Team

Nico Belliard

Project Manager

Bioengineering Major

Dr. Brian Hartman

Faculty Mentor

Assistant Professor of Education


Coming soon!


Coming after our summer trip!

Gisenyi, Rwanda