Passing by beautiful scenery and countless alpacas, we embarked on our hike to the community. Climbing up to approximately 15,000 feet, we reached our community and met with some of the locals.
With a supportive local crowd, we were able to check out the spring source and the different locations for the tapstands. After plenty of photo and video documentation, we had a quick afternoon snack with our friendly partners. The locals brought out traditionally-prepared potatoes and herbal teas for us while Wesly shared some dried mangoes. Being their first time trying dried mangoes, the locals were amazed by the texture and taste of the snack. Concluding the snack time, we said our farewells for the day and hiked down the mountain. We were plagued by headaches from the elevation difference, so we were exhausted by the hike at the end of the day. Despite some difficulties finding the key to the community center, we were finally able to settle in our lodging location for the night after a delicious dinner prepared by our ADRA project partners.
Waking up early for our hike, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and got ready for our second and final hike up to the community. We began our hike with the objective of staking out the pipeline locations so that the community can begin digging. Personally, I had quite some difficulty hiking up to the community the first time due to elevation difference and an embarrassing lack of cardio. Surprisingly, the second hike seemed less intensive and much quicker than the first. Once we reached the community, we proceeded to taking some more video documentation and began staking out the pipeline and tapstand locations. With input from the community leaders, we were able accomplish our goal for the day relatively quickly. Lunch was shared with the community leaders and our time with the community came to a conclusion. Because we were able to finish our tasks early, we ended up exploring an ancient Spanish mine before hiking down. Our work here has been rather successful; please continue to keep us in your prayers