-Curt Nelson

Happy Sabbath from the Southern Hemisphere! Once you cross the equator, left becomes right, north becomes south, the Big Dipper becomes the Southern Cross, and I become productive. Hmm … 3 out of 4 maybe?

It’s been a challenging yet rewarding week. The short story – two days of buying materials, two-days of delivering materials to the project site at 14,000ft, culminating in the pouring of the majority of the concrete yesterday. The troops have worked hard and deserve a recharge. Later today we will take a local bus to Puno, spend the evening and night at a church members hostel, and tour the floating islands of Lake Titicaca tomorrow before returning home to continue installing the water system.

The work day typically starts at 7am with breakfast, followed by a van ride to the trail head, and a 1-hour hike to the project site. After a full day of digging, forming, hauling, and mixing, we return home tired, happy, dirty, and smiling. Whenever I sense work about to land in my lap, I pull out the camera and try and act like a photographer. I share with you a few of my work evasion efforts below.

My new best friend.

My new best friend

I'm learning to mug for the camera

I’m learning to mug for the camera

The end of a day's work

The end of a day’s work

Pucutuni, Peru

Pucutuni, Peru