Today started off with a bump on the road. The Alcalde had promised us sole access to the Muni’s black 4X4 truck until the delivery of materials from Huatabamba to Pucutuni was complete. However, during our routine morning trip to the Muni, we learned that the Alcalde himself had taken the truck at 4 am and that he wouldn’t be back until 1 pm. This was disappointing because we needed it to transport the wood we purchased to build the forms for the reservoir foundation and tapstands. Fortunately, the city engineer allowed us to borrow the motor-carga until the Alcalde returned—returning the truck back to us. Although we were grateful for the motor-carga, it took twice as long to get materials up to the project site, thus delaying our progress. Wesly stayed at Huatabamba to oversee the transport of materials to Pucutuni and at 1 pm, he rode down to the Muni to pick up the truck from the Alcalde. With the 4X4 truck transporting our materials, we were able to haul all the materials up to Pucutuni.


While the materials were being delivered, the rest of the team hiked up the trail to Pucutuni. Once we arrived, we began working on the form for the reservoir foundation. We were fortunate to have two skilled muni workers. It has been a struggle to get the Muni to follow through with their promise to provide 12 workers to help with the manual labor. The most we’ve seen in a day is 8 workers. Tomorrow morning, we hope to get the Alcalde to send up all 12 workers to help the community members.


We had lunch with the community members. We shared our sack lunches, which are prepared by Paulsiano’s wife every morning, with the community and they shared their lunch with us, which consisted of potatoes and corn nuts. The hour-long lunch break was spent guessing eachother’s ages. Apparently, Leighton looks 35 years old, while Bryce looks 25. After lunch, Braden and Jim oversaw the completion of the reservoir foundation form and the laying of the rebar. Chris and Leighton began digging the drains for the tapstands—one meter deep, while Bryce began working on the forms for the tapstands. Tomorrow we hope to start pouring concrete.