Friday was a crazy day. We were in the middle of connecting all the HDPE pipe we had previously laid beside the ditch the day before. The weather was starting to get a little cold making the HDPE pipe hard to work with. We tried our best to get as much done in the cold but it soon started to raid. A few minutes later sleet mixed with raid came down, making it very hard to work. The closest hut was only a few paces away so we all headed for cover in the hopes the storm would blow over. As we sat in the hut listing to the pitter patter of the sleet on the tin roof we all were quite cold. Nobody really expected it to get this cold, but the few that had prepared quickly put on the extra layers. Soon the pattering noise on the tin roof ceased and we all eagerly looked out onto the mountain range in the hopes that the rain had stopped. The rain had stopped and in its place giant cookie sized snowflakes were slowly floating to the ground. In minutes the snow line crawled down to the takes that were above us on the hill and then down to the hut we were in. Don Fukundo took a little peak outside and came back with the bad news. The storm was not going to blow over as fast as we had hoped and the work would have to wait until the coming Monday. Cold and wet we all headed down the mountain and back to ADRA to prep for the weekend trip to Cusco. We needed to buy a few things and drop Jim off for his flight back to the States. The weekend was a welcomed change of pace and we all were quite happy to sleep in and have a little brake from the daily hike up the hill every morning.

Today, Monday, we headed up with hopes to flush out all the water system before we make the final connections. We where able to get the water flowing into the tanks before noon! Water was shooting out the pipes a good 10 feet away which made us and the community pretty excited. All we need to do now is to tighten some loose HPDE pipe unions and attach the pipe directly to the pipe stands. Tomorrow the community has promised us for the final stretch of trench to be finished so that they can pour concrete over the sand and gravel filter behind the spring box. We are almost done, we are just praying that the weather doesn’t slow us down.IMG_6827 IMG_6830 Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset