Alex Clouzet translating for Dr. Yaw and Armando

– Bryce Hill

Note* we are having trouble with internet at the site so the blogs may come at irregular intervals, this one however was written on the date specified. Hopefully more will follow.

Monday, Aug 27

Today has been a busy day! The rest of the group arrived from the States and Dr. Nelson and I moved up to the house on site. We brought with us a full trunk load of food that took us five hours and three different supermarkets to obtain last night. During this shopping spree we discovered collectively that Dr. Nelson and I are not good at shopping. If it had been up to us the food would have been sparse indeed. I attempted to convince Chris and Jenny that there was nothing wrong with quick cook pastas like ramen. They would have none of it and I am glad they didn’t. Shortly after the group arrived we were treated to fresh pineapple. Then a little while later came a wonderful meal with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice! They definitely are going to spoil us. Supper consisted of Tamales and tortillas with fresh avocados and cheese. As if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off we had freshly squeezed lemonade! There was of course plenty of work to do. The group all jumped in to help in any way possible. We helped unload a delivery of bricks, we took pictures and we translated.

The translating was a big job today because Dr. Yaw and the local workers had plenty to talk about. The first thing that Dr. Yaw noticed is that somehow every section of the back wall was missing a column! So everyone had missed that, which was very frustrating. He then proceeded to converse with the local managers with myself or another one in the group translating the whole time. There were various other things to discuss in addition to the column situation and it turned into quite a late night. This didn’t bother me because translating was so much fun. It is really neat to be able to use a skill in which you have invested so much for something so worthwhile has this trip. I did end up mixing up my languages though, which resulted in confused looks from both parties as I addressed them in the wrong language. Well what can you do?