We want to apologize for the delay in updating the blog on the developments here but we all hit the hay early last night as a result of the three hours of sleep on the plane. We arrived safely in San Pedro Sula yesterday and hit the ground running. After some preliminaries, the three of us and Chris, our faithful ally, headed up to Luis Garcia to evaluate what we were hoping to be a finished drainage system. However, when we arrived and looked at what was supposed to be a finished product, there still appeared to be a long way to go. The skeleton of a security fence was up and the roadside drainage ditch was nearly done, however the work around the schoolhouse and its foundation had not begun, and the problems of erosion and undermining of the foundation seemed to be worsening. After some discussion with the project managers from the municipality, we all agreed to break for a day and evaluate where to go from there. Some crucial decisions are now to be made, so your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

So, to have some time to think about it, we went to Copan Ruinas for the day! (I should note that it already was part of the plan going into it, as Melodie has not had a “touristy” day in her three trips here). This was the second time an EWB group has had the opportunity to visit the ancient Mayan city, but for those of us newbies it was an awesome sight to behold! In addition, our tour guide was great and seemed to have a never-ending stream of jokes to make light of the Mayan traditions and society. After that, we headed to Macaw Mountain, which was a tropical bird park set in the mountains outside of Copan. We were able to get up close and personal with Parrots, Toucans, and even got to host a Macaw on our shoulder. One especially took a liking to Curt and decided to chew (or whatever birds do with their beak) a hole in his sleeve. We then headed back to town and concluded the day by enjoying some smoothies and sandwiches, which included one called “Señor de los Quesos” that lived up to its name. And yes, we also did get some work done in discussing and preparing for our meeting tomorrow with the municipality on how to proceed with the Luis Garcia project. As I mentioned before, please keep us in your prayers so that we can make the right decisions and continue to be good contributors to the community of Luis Garcia.