-Curt Nelson

Thank you to all who follow our project and help make it possible. We value your support.

I am in San Pedro Sula, helping our supporter Chris Padilla with the logistics of managing the project. We just spent $2200 today, your money and mine, and now theirs. It will likely be the last materials we purchase. Tomorrow, the workers start on the roof and we expect to have all structural elements completed before we leave. The picture below shows the building as of 7am this morning. I am sure it has progressed during the day.

Nueva Suyapa, September 10, 2012

Our team took a well-deserved break over the weekend, the first time many of the troops have left the project site. It started at 7am Sabbath morning when a van from the local municipality picked us up and took us to a national park area. The first item of business was a hike to a waterfall followed by a hike in and through the waterfall. Well it wasn’t Niagara falls, it felt like it. Next, we all took several jumps off of high (by my estimates) rocks into pools of clear and cool water. The adrenaline junkies were stoked.

After lunch, we took an adventure inner tube ride down a fast moving stream. Three hours later and the adrenaline junkies were re-stoked. This was followed by a drive to San Pedro Sula, pizza, and a night out courtesy of Chris who let us all bunk at her yoga studio. In the morning, we enjoyed breakfast and shopping at a local market. At this point, I was forced by the students to declare a return to the project site so we could get the project finished. These kids appreciated the time away, but couldn’t wait to get their calloused hands back on the school.

Today is National Children’s day in Honduras. We were invited to participate in activities at the current school, the building that we are replacing. The structure looks even more unsafe now and just adds to our urgency to finish. The children warmed up to us as Honduran children do and attached themselves to our hearts and minds.

We smell the finish line. We have become a team marching toward a goal and the scent of victory is strong. It was barely two weeks ago that Bryce and I were buoyed by the main team from EWB-WWU. The community was still unbelieving, wondering how a team of energetic optimists could do a twelve week job in three weeks. They have become believers, and now they outnumber and outpace us as we race to the finish line two days from now. We have fully joined forces, learned how and when to work together, and nothing will stop us.