Saturday morning, November 19

-Curt Nelson

It’s 6am and we have a problem, Houston. It seems foggy this morning. I’veĀ  been informed that the fog is contained within my head. That could be the result of a friend I made last night.

We left Seattle right about midnight. I sat next to a young 3-year girl. I thought, “You know, you can never start recruiting these engineers too young”. So I struck up a real lively one-way conversation. She was much more intent on lifting up the arm rest, putting her head on her mothers lap, and becoming oblivious to me as her feet ended up cruising around my leg during the flight. Ah well, she smiled at me once so all was well. I think she will make an excellent engineer some day.

After a quick breakfast, we are awaiting our two-hour hop across the pond to Honduras where Chris Padilla is ready with 3 full days of activities. For now, Cameron and Melodie are well-behaved so there is no need to call their parents. Keep your fingers crossed, though.