Day 1 here in Peru has been a success. The team arrived last night at ADRA Camp Chuquicahuana ready for the much anticipated implementation trip for the Labramani solar project. The trip was originally scheduled for September, however, the systems were not ready then and the trip was delayed until this week. The team met with the municipality of Pitumarca in the morning to sign contracts and then split into two groups. One group left to check up with the village of Pucatuni where EWB installed a water system that was our first project in Peru. They found that the project is still working well, and that two more families have moved to the village because of the water source. The second group attempted to deliver the solar systems to Labramani, however it began to rain and we learned that the community thought we were delivering the systems tomorrow. Because of this change of plans, the second group drove back to Japura and began surveying families from our previous solar project. We found that the systems are working very well. The first group joined the second group in the late afternoon, then everyone returned to the camp to sleep and prepare for day 2.

The Labramani Implementation Team after meeting with the mayor of Pitumarca

Meeting with a couple members from Labramani