Carrying the Systems up to Labramani

Tuesday morning of the implementation trip began early for the Labramani team as they had to arrive at the Labramani trail head at 5:30 AM after an hour drive in order to help the residents of Labramani carry their solar systems up to their village. The hike took about an hour and covered almost two miles while gaining 1,000 feet in elevation, from about 13,500 ft to 14,500 ft in the main village where the people happen to live during this part of the year. The people of Labramani thanked the team by providing a small breakfast of potatoes, trout, and tea. From there, the team set about educating the villagers about the systems and how to maintain them. Following the general meeting, Percy, the rep who works for the Peruvian company the systems were purchased through worked with each person individually to do some teaching one-on-one and to check that each person’s box had a full system. Percy speaks Quechua which eased some things because he could describe the systems to the people in the language that they understood best. This process took most of the morning and the early afternoon was spent teaching how to mount the panels on the adobe buildings.

Educating the Community about their Systems

The second team hiked to Patiñeque a little later in the morning to assess the water project from 2014 and give surveys to the people. They arrived to find it empty, which was expected since it is mostly a summer home for the residents of Japura Suyo to graze their alpacas. The hike was a little longer and more difficult than the Labramani hike and culminated at the water pump at an elevation of 14,750 ft. The team found that the people of Patiñeque had not maintained it as well as they had been instructed to and found it clogged with silt. The team did their best to unclog it and made note to talk with the people of Japura Suyo and remind them to clear out their system periodically.

Portable Solar Panel Mounted on a Home

Both teams returned to the ADRA camp after their respective projects were completed in order to rest up and to continue to acclimatize to the altitude.