Japura with the Suyo Electricial Meeting.

Day 3 was long, but also very successful. First, the team met for one final time with the municipality in Pitumarca and the mayor expressed his gratitude for our team. Next, everyone drove to Japura to have a meeting with the town to discuss problems with their systems and to suggest methods of maintaining their systems better. This also went well, except Suyo and Quelca did not both plan to meet at the same time, so we had to meet with both sides separately. First, we met with Suyo and reminded them that they need to turn off their lights and inverters when they are not using them. We also reminded them to turn off their system when it gets to a certain low voltage in order to protect their battery life, and to give the system a break of a few days if it is constantly cloudy and the battery does not charge fully each day. Finally we asked if they had any questions and we answered them. We then repeated this same meeting with the other side of Japura. Both sides made us warm hats and wanted to take pictures with us.

Japura Quelca and the Team after am Electrical Educataion/revisiting Meeting

After the meetings, the group split into two and one team worked on surveying Japura, as it was last year’s project, and the other team hiked to Labramani to give surveys to them. Both groups worked quickly and were able to the number of surveys that the team needed before the end of the day. As the Labramani team hiked down in the dark and the rain, they were happy knowing that they had mostly finished up with their responsibilities for this trip, as had the other team, and now had Thursday for fun activities.

The Village of Labramani