On Sunday, we had to let cement cure and couldn’t work on the school.  We decided to go to Copan for some shopping and to see the Mayan ruins there.  They were ruined, but they were amazing.  Here are photos of some of the highlights.

This is the first large structure visible when you enter the main court.  There are several more of these buried under mounds of earth that have yet to be excavated.

Here, we’re entering what was effectively the locker room for their ball court.  The best player on the winning team of each game was sacrificed.

Us in the top of the locker room.

This hole is actually a tunnel that leads to a ditch that flowed to the river.  It was the only drainage of the very large plaza that served as their market and social area.  There were walls built up around the whole area, and the ground across the whole thing sloped down towards this drain.  The drain still works to keep the area from flooding during the rainy season.  Quite a feat of engineering!

The girls “dancing like a jaguar.”

Little known fact: The Mayans were far ahead of their time, and were the first inventors of the compact fluorescent light bulb.  Here, we see one in an excavated tunnel.

John, being like the monkey.