– Curt Nelson


It’s a pleasant morning. The birds are trilling their morning songs as the sun starts to burn off the pleasant feel of what I would call “morning delight”. Soon we will be warm, then hot, then looking forward to evening.

Today Bryce and I are moving from our comfy hotel in San Pedro Sula to the project site. We have a busy day ahead, preparing the house that will be home for the rest of our stay. It is a spacious and beautiful home, a 5-minute walk from the project site, but totally unfurnished. That prompted a massive shopping trip last night to multiple stores, filling Chris’s SUV with food, kitchen items, and cleaning supplies. The rest of our gang arrives today around noon, flying from Houston as one contiguous collection of anticipatory flesh. Unfortunately, we won’t be there to pick them up. Such a minor detail as that should not discourage them … me thinks. Ok, we have arranged for the municipality officials to transport them as we do some last minute shopping and head to the residence to get it ready for our 15-day stay.

Yesterday was like many before, bodies and minds bouncing between admiration for hard work and disappointment for no work. After running our standard amount of project management errands in the morning we arrived at the project site at noon. Rounding the last corner with expectations high, we saw to our amazement that there were not 10, 20 or 30 workers busy putting the finishing touches on the foundations … but 0. Not a soul was working. Our collective jaws dropped to the dusty ground and before Bryce and I had twitched, Chris was out of the car and imploring the project manager to round the troops up. As usual, the muni had not paid them for the labor so they went home. Makes sense to me. But Chris would have none of it, and as she delivered an impassioned speech to the few who were mulling around about their commitment to the school and the future of their children, workers started coming one-by-one until there were 15 willing to work on credit. They started working hard in the mid-day sun and by late evening there were 25 who responded to the motivational appeal from Chris.

Today is a rest day, more or less,  for the construction crew as the final foundation cement hardens. Tomorrow the walls start and we will be at full strength.