With this project nearing completion, we’ve been working with the community to determine what other projects are important to them.

Here are some of the projects we’re thinking about:

  • Rainwater collection and filtering at the school
  • A sustainable latrine solution for the school
  • Health and sanitation education
  • Security wall for the school
  • Leveling of and lights for soccer field at the school
  • Education about water diversion for outhouses
  • Retaining walls and water diversion/drainage for the school
  • Solution for flooding of the only road in and out of town

The health education and water diversion for outhouses projects wouldn’t even require a trip down, but rather could be completed just through correspondence.

This is the only road in and out of Luis Garcia.

A small creek flows under the road through a culvert. ┬áDuring the rainy season, the level of the creek rises enough that the culvert cannot accommodate it, leaving water flowing over the road, sometimes to a depth of up to two feet, we’re told. ┬áThis flowing water makes the road dangerous if not impossible to cross either on foot or in a car.

The solution to the problem would either be a small bridge that would allow more water to pass under, or a better, larger culvert that would do the same.