Today was the culmination of our week of work. We met with representatives from the municipality and the twelve communities who are partnering with us on the school project in Nueva Suyapa. Enginero Luis amused all of us with his antics as we signed the convenio. For example, when a cell phone interrupted our meeting, he started to dance while the embarrassed owner of the phone scrambled to silence it. Luis also proudly displayed a picture of a dinosaur on his bulletin board. We didn’t notice anything unusual until he pointed out a tuft of yarn sticking out of its mouth. Last night, the two big soccer teams in Honduras played each other. Maraton (whose mascot is Godzilla) beat Olympia (whose mascot is a Lion). The dinosaur represented Maraton swallowing Olympia – very creative.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating the completion of our work with a trip to Copan to see ancient Mayan ruins. We’ll end the day back in San Pedro Sula where we’ll meet with the Rotary Club. They have agreed to partner on our project, and we hope that they will be willing to help us with the logistical challenge of procuring and delivering construction materials.

–Brian Roth