In 2 short days, Noe Ramirez and myself will be flying down to Peru to begin our 1.5 month preparation in Pampa Chiri!

Until late August, Noe and I will be helping the community prepare for the final implementation of our water project with them. This preparation includes making sure the pipe trench is dug, materials are purchased and transported up, and accommodations for the team are ready. This alone wouldn’t take a month and a half, so Noe and I will also be helping out an ADRA facility that has been a spectacular partner during our work there. While our work with them is still not set in stone, we are both excited to offer whatever help we can, as they have graciously supported our EWB chapter for the last several years.

These two days will go by quickly, even with all the work that remains to be done. Hopefully, throughout our time down there, we will be able to update you all with what is happening, and maybe even provide some pictures of it all!

Until next time!

-Kendall Heinrich