This morning started like all our other mornings. We stopped in Pitumarca like usual but today we went there to find a welding shop. Yuri, our driver, found one in town and got the contact information. We need a welder to make the spring box and valve box lids. The lids should be welded by tomorrow morning. Once we made those arrangements we headed up to Pucutuni to finish the last tap stands before noon and then started rolling out pipe. While the tap stands were being finished in the morning Jim and Wes headed up to the spring box to finish digging up the dirt around it. This brought up a new dilemma. We found out that the original spring box was not build properly. As a matter a fact it was only functioning as a valve box. The work that needs to be done involves rebuilding the rock, gravel, and sand filter located on the capturing side of the spring box. The good news is that this improvement should double the current water supply. We expect to have the pipeline completed all the way to the first two tap stands before Jim leaves on Friday. We are almost there but there are always uncertainties like the one we had with the spring box. It’s a good thing we have an excellent team and professional mentor.