Hello All!

There was a bit of a mixup with the blog, and while I had several drafts typed up, project responsibilities would distract me and I never got back to them to post. So over the next couple weeks you will see some “Flashback” posts about what has been going on. We’ll be sure to date them, and hopefully even post a brief timeline of things that have happened for those of you interested. For now, however, hear is the latest news.

This weekend the rest of the project team flew down here to Cusco, and Noe and I have been with them since Friday night catching them up and working with them to purchase the remaining materials. Currently it is Sunday morning and I am sitting in the local Starbucks preparing a few things for the day and writing this post up. Yesterday evening we visited one of the big local hardware stores where Jim Woodrich helped us make sure all the fittings and connectors we had listed would work properly. Needless to say it was a large order, with a grand total of some several hundred individual items. Having such a large part of our materials ready is a big relief, especially with the materials Noe and I were able to acquire already up near the community. Unfortunately the hardware store didn’t have quite everything, and so today we hope to visit a few other hardware stores to finish acquiring what we need.

After seven weeks of Noe and I being here, and sometimes struggling to see things get done due to one of any number of issues, it is a relief to have the rest of the team here to help everything get done. As for the next three weeks of the project, we will largely be up near the community where there is no cell signal, and where all our power is coming from a rented generator. However, on the weekends we will be returning to the ADRA camp, so expect multiple updates over the next few weekends!

Until next time,

-Kendall Heinrich