It is currently 8:00 AM this Sunday morning, and we are preparing to eat breakfast and head out early bavck to Japura. Last week proved to be pretty productive, even with a few setbacks. On Friday, the foundations for one of the tanks and the springbox were poured and left to set. We did experience some setbacks in the form of community members not being there and some key materials still needed. Many of the community members left to go to Pitumarca, the municipality seat, for a meeting until Tuesday. Thankfully some of them are still around to work, and the foreman is still with us. The plans have changed as the project has gone one, but that’s typically expected when we find things that weren’t considered initially. Not to mention the time constraint we’re under to finish. Fingers crossed for much more progress this week!

This weekend was pretty relaxing, some of us went to a local church, and later to a nearby lake. Overall a much needed break from working. Especially with the opportunity for hot showers here at Camp Chuqi after no opportunities for a week!

This next week we hope to finish the project, though such a goal won’t be easy. In the least we want to finish a majority of the project so that the next week we only have a day or so worth of work remaining.

This weekend is also when Jim heads back home, though thankfully we have Joel here to guide us on the rest of the project!

Next weekend we’ll be going to Machu Pichu, and that means wifi, and thus more updates! And hopefully some pictures too!

Until next time!

– Kendall Heinrich