Today was window-shopping day. Our goal was to find a hardware store with the materials that we would likely need for our project. Our destination was Sicuani, a relatively large town 50 minutes from the ADRA training center where we’re based. We found lots of hardware stores with a limited selection, and one hardware store with a great selection. Now for the fun part: how to explain the specific parts that we needed. I whipped out my iPhone and, using Google Images, pulled up pictures of each part. We enjoyed the ensuing language lesson. While waiting for the business owners to write up a cost estimate, we dropped by BNC bank to open an account. (We’ll complete that process on Friday when we see Wilfredo, the head of ADRA’s Cusco region.) Tomorrow we’re heading on a tour of three communities in the municipality of Pitumarca. It will be a long day in the mountains, but we’ll hopefully be rewarded with a new project opportunity.