We hopped into our van and headed for the Muni at 8:00 am. We needed this meeting with the Acalde (Mayor) to go well. During our September 2013 assessment trip, our assessment team wrote up a contract outlining the different roles of the Pitumarca Municipal Government (Muni), the community of Pucutuni, and EWB-WWU and the contributions each party would make to ensure a successful project. The Muni had agreed to deliver all the materials for the project to Pucutuni and as of yesterday, the Muni had not fulfilled their end of the bargain. Thus prompting this early morning meeting.

We arrived at the Muni anticipating some resistance from the Acalde, but we were pleasantly surprised with how understanding he was of our concerns. He immediately assigned 12 workers to haul all our materials up to Pucutuni—even throwing in a “Moto-carga”, a three-wheeled motorcycle capable of carrying loads of up to one ton, for free to make the job easier. With a successful meeting, we were all excited to see this project take another major leap forward.

After the meeting, the team split up into two groups. The first team drove down to Sicuani to buy some more materials and tools, while the second team hiked up to Pucutuni to outline and begin excavating the site for the reservoirs and oversee the delivery of materials. Tomorrow we will continue to deliver materials to the project site. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we hope to be able to start pouring the concrete tomorrow.

On a final note, we would like to welcome Bryce who arrived at the ADRA Center on Sunday.



Posted by: Leighton Edward